FREE Adult Self Defense Class

This FREE Self Defense Clinic will teach you valuable lessons how to keep you and your family safe.  It combines a lot of Amazing techniques and information in this Incredible Class to put you back in Control in any Self-Defense situation.  After the class, you will feel Empowered with a lot more Confidence that you can Defend Yourself and your Loved Ones!

Please click the PDF link below for the Class Outline that will be covered and watch the Videos for more information, and when your ready, you can notify us you will be Joining Us Below!!    (Ages 14 & Up)

If you would like us to host your own Private FREE Self Defense Class, just get between 6 - 14 people to attend and we would be happy to schedule your group to come to our school for a Really Amazing Time!!! (Boy & Girl Scouts Too, Unlimited Number!)

 Class Outline
(Take a Look!)
Below are videos of the material that we will be covering in the first Adult Self -Defense Class.
This way you can get a sneak peek at what we will be learning and a Great Way to get Comfortable with these life saving techniques!! I really hope you enjoy these Videos!
(After all, I made them just for you!!!)
Master Barry Brill
(I recommend watching them in the order they are presented)

1) Learn to hit like a "Hammer"!

2) Kicks that break "stuff"!

3) Disfigure your attacker "Badly!"

4) Using your attackers   energy to defeat them!

5) Stupid Stupid Stupid

6) What to do if they choke you!

(They'll be sorry!!!!)

7) Your Hair: Oh No they did not just grab that!

8) Household items that will mess them up!!

Come Join Us for a Totally Fun and Amazing Time!!!
(It will be the Best thing you did in Years..... You will See!!!)