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While we would Love to have you join our Karate Family, we understand selecting the correct school is an Important Decision.  With that in mind we recommend you read the book, "Why Martial Arts Matter" for the important things to consider when selecting the correct school for you, or your family.

If you have questions about Martial Arts that nobody seems to know the answers to, after reading this short book it will give you a greater understanding making you more knowledgeable and answering the questions you are looking for (even the ones you never thought to ask). 

This way you will have a profound understanding and the confidence in finding the correct school for you! (Even if it’s not with us!!!)

We have also included the list of important questions to ask any Karate School you consider attending (in a printable format),

so having the best well-informed questions to ask when you are looking into Karate Schools. 

Enjoy the book, I know you will get a lot out of it!!   (Although the first chapter is a little [actually a lot] Embarrassing!!)

Master Barry Brill


"Why Martial Arts Matter"

Master Barry Brill

Book #1  (A Must Read!)

Feel free to breeze through any part that you think does not apply to you, because it covers dozens of topics of interest.

Top Questions to Ask

Read about Contracts. Yuck!!!

Feel free to bring the Question Sheet

any school you consider visiting!.

Click Cover to Download
"Why We're Different"

Master Barry Brill

Book #2

A Wonderful Way to get an insiders look into Brill's Karate and see why we are Truly Different than Other Schools.

The Eight Things

Super Helpful Guide!!!

If you are looking for Self-Defense School,

this is a Must Read Report!

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