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** Brill's Karate Barter Program**

Brill's Karate Barter Program is a great way for us to trade Goods and Services.


On Smaller and Lower Priced Trade Items, we are willing to discount our program prices to an agreed percentage off our classes.  Giving a range between 10% - 90% off the program price depending on the value of the service.  (Or just an even trade if it’s of equal value.)

On Bigger and Higher Priced Items, we would have multi year programs, and/or multi person barters. 

For example:  If we were trading something in the value range of $2,136 - $4,860, that would be a trade of a 2 -3 years of classes depending on the program.  If it is many times that, we can do the Black Belt Program $8,370 (Classes until you get your Black Belt), or multiple people enrolling for classes.  Maybe family or multiple employees.  Classes can be given out as a perk or incentive program in your business.   

Below is a list of things we are looking for and would be happy to set up as a barter agreement.


SQL Programmer

Cleaning Service

Computer Work, Data Entry & Small Tasks

Paint and Sheetrock


Remodeling, New Kitchen, Bathroom



Exterior Design

Office Equipment, Printers, Computers, TV & Monitors, and Ink & Toner

Printer Paper (White and colored)

Printer Services (Print Books and Marketing Material)

Print T-Shirts and Signs


Travel Agencies, Trips. 

Online Social Media Expert

SEO Expert

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