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At Brill’s Karate We are Looking for Martial Arts Instructors.


We are Looking for Very Special People and If Below Describes You, Please Contact Us!



What We are Looking For:


We are looking for Instructors with Great Personalities who Really Like People and Kids.  Someone Who Totally Enjoys Helping Others and Receives a Strong Sense of Pride in Seeing Other Succeeding and Meeting Their Goals.  People who have a Passion and Strength for Teaching & Coaching, but also are Inspiring, Patient, Kind, and Reliable. 


We are On a Mission to Help and Change the Lives of Others and to Do It in a Big Way!  We are a Growing School that is looking for Amazing People that are Interested in Making a Difference.  Using Your Interest in the Martial Arts to Change the Path of Every Student and Put Them in the Direction of Lifelong Success!  (The more challenging the student the greater the feeling of pride when you see them succeed.)


We are looking for people who are Likable and LOVE the Martial Arts!  Having M.A. Experience would be Very Helpful, but we are Willing to Train & Teach You What You Need to Know.  Having Teaching & Coaching Experience is a Big Plus, BUT We are More than Happy to Train You How.


What I Have Seen:


In my career, Over the Years I have seen the Martial Arts Impact Tens of Thousands of Lives!


I Have Seen It Impact People in Enormous Ways!  Their Lives Has Been Completely Changed for the Better because of What They Learned and the Skills They Have Gained!  In addition, All the Great Experiences they had and the Friendships They Made Along the Way.  The Martial Arts Totally Changed Their Lives in Ways That Could Not Be Measured, and They Will Never Go Back to Who They Once Were! 


There is No Greater Feeling Than to Know That I Have Played a Part in Their Growth and Helped Them to Reach Their Fullest Potential!  I Think the Martial Arts is The BEST Tool to Assist our Fellow Human Beings, and to Have the Greatest Effect for Good on the Planet!  There is Nothing That Compares to It and has Its Power to Change and Influence Everybody it Touches!


Because of all the Amazing Things I’ve Seen, that is Why I Want to Do This in a BIG Way!




“Always Leave a Life Better Than You Found It.”




Why Us:


It’s Because… What We Believe! 

I Think the Instructors Always Come First! Before Anyone or Anything, and I Always Have Their Backs!  Now that might sound a little different then a lot of the other schools because they will say, “The Students (customers) Come First.”  At Brill’s Karate, the Instructors Come First, Students are Second, and in Third Place is the Welfare of the School. 


I Know It’s a Little Weird Seeing This in Print, But Here is Why…


When You are Respected, You Pass It Along to Your Students and Others!  If You are Treated Kindly, You Will Treat Your Students in Kind and With Compassion!  If We Care About You and Your Progress, You Will put a High Priority on Your Students’ Progress and Their Development.  When You are at a Place That You Can Be Yourself, You Will Grow to Your Full Potential.  You will also Help Create a Place that others can Feel Comfortable to Be Themselves.  When you are in an environment that has the Instructor’s Best Interest, you will have the Best Interest of the Other Instructors and Have Each Other’s Backs.  You See the Students Interest Comes Second, But The Students are The Ones Who Benefit The Most!!



Our Future:


Our School was Founded in August 1997 and had Many Bumps Along the Way!  I Always Loved Teaching and the Martial Arts, and the way it Changed Me and My Students! 


I have a Dream, it’s actually more of a Vision and I Had This Vision for a Long Time, but Now It’s All Beginning to Materialize!  I have Great People Helping Me Implement My Vision, but I need a few more to Fulfill Our Great Promise. 


To make Schools that are Almost Magical in What It Does and How It Does It!  A School when a Potential Student comes to visit for The Very First Time, and walk out so Excited, they Can’t Wait to Start!  A School that is so Awesome, Exciting, Fun and Interactive, that They Want to Train Here Forever!  A School that Nobody Falls Through the Cracks, and Everybody is Important!  A School when somebody is showing signs of losing interest, there are Many People to Pick Them Up and Get Them Back on Track.


In time, a School that uses the Most Modern Technology for Everything!  Technology for Student Engagement, Retention and using Computers for the Most Advanced Martial Art Training! 


We will deliver Martial Arts in a way that No-One Has Ever Done! In the Best Way, in the Most Advanced Way, in the Most Fun Way! Our Goal is to Change the Lives of Thousands of People! 

Then Tens of Thousands and Just Grow from There! To have a Business that Changes People more than Any Other Business on the Planet!! 


Once We Get the First School the Way We Want It (The Vision) We Will Expand Quickly!





When you first start, we are looking for a barter for your personal lessons as a trade for you teaching classes in the school.  If you come with an open mind and with a strong ambition of being an instructor with us, we will be willing to train you in Martial Arts and how to teach (for no tuition fees.)  With the understanding, when you are ready, you can teach classes in our school.


There will be many levels to your advancement depending on how well you perform as an instructor.


First level, just as a Hobby and for Personal Fulfillment. Teaching 1 – 3 classes a week. A person must be selected to get to all levels, including Level One.


Second level, getting a little more serious about being an instructor, and earning commission-based money.


Third level, choosing Martial Arts as Career.  Just because we offer level 3, it doesn’t mean it will be available to everyone.  The instructors will need to go throw the first 2 levels and depending on the person and what they bring, will decide the advancement.  The More Skills, Abilities, and Burning Desire They Possess, Will Greatly Increase the Chances! 


If you simply need a job at this time, please don’t contact us, we are not what you are looking for.   


If you have no M.A. experience but love the idea of being an instructor and will need several years of training before you can teach, we cannot do a straight barter because how long it will take to get ready.  Although, we can talk about getting a discounted price on the lessons!


This Career we are Offering is Not for Everybody!  BUT If You Match the Description and This Resonates with You, We Would LOVE to Hear From YOU!!!

Master Barry Brill        



“The Teacher Always Receives the Greatest Lessons

He Seeks to Teach Others.”

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